April 22, 2013

Vatican Doctors Approve Second Miracle for Pope John Paul II


IGHT YEARS IS A SHORT TIME in which to be declared a saint. It is pos­si­ble, then, to look at this as strong evi­dence of Bl. John Paul II’s great inter­ces­sory influ­ence with God. Accord­ing to La Stampa, Vat­i­can doc­tors have given their approval to a mir­a­cle which, if later con­firmed by the­olo­gians and bish­ops of the Con­gre­ga­tion for the Causes of Saints, and then by Pope Fran­cis, would make the for­mer pope St. John Paul II. From La Stampa:

It all hap­pened in great secrecy, with max­i­mum con­fi­den­tial­ity. In Jan­u­ary, the pos­tu­la­tor of the cause, Mgr. Sla­womir Oder, sub­mit­ted a pre­sumed mirac­u­lous heal­ing to the Vatican. …


Two doc­tors of the Vat­i­can coun­cil had pre­vi­ously exam­ined this new case, and both gave a favourable opin­ion. … In the past few days it was exam­ined by a com­mit­tee of seven doc­tors … Pope Bene­dict XVI’s per­sonal physi­cians, and now Pope Francis’s. The med­ical coun­cil also gave a favourable opin­ion … by defin­ing as inex­plic­a­ble the heal­ing attrib­uted to the inter­ces­sion of the blessed Karol Wojtyla.

La Stampa goes on to spec­u­late about the pos­si­bil­ity of Octo­ber 20, 2013, as a date for the can­on­iza­tion of John Paul II, if approved by Pope Fran­cis. The paper gives no details about the med­ical case in question.

Not too many years ago, I read a book writ­ten by the pos­tu­la­tor of the for­mer pope’s cause, Mgr. Sla­womir Oder. Why He Is a Saint is full of anec­do­tal details of the life of John Paul, many of which I had not known and which are indeed not widely known. I seem to remem­ber a story about how friends of his were con­stantly in need of hav­ing to buy him new win­ter coats, because Bishop Karol Wojtyla had a habit of remov­ing his coat and giv­ing it to the first poor beg­gar who would hap­pen along. No sooner would a new coat be bought for the bishop, than he would give it away too.

Please do check out the monsignior’s won­der­ful and engag­ing book.


H/T to The Deacon’s Bench for lead­ing me to this story.